OMEZ S.r.l. established itself in the Italian and International markets thanks to its competitive spirit, constant drive towards innovation and technological evolutions and research into increasingly performing plastic resins. These are traits that converge towards a continuous quality improvement in OMEZ products and win over customers’ confidence. More than thirty years of history, quality and certifications have made OMEZ a leader in the moulding field, thanks to its indepth know-how and unique passion.

For over than 30 years

The history, the quality and the OMEZ certifications.


Production phases


It all begins with the presentation of the new idea or the new product.
Both the technical and commercial staff participate actively in this phase: they assist each other and discuss characteristics, details, functions and requirements of the designers and/or buyers.
OMEZ often receives projects developed by leading designers and, in such cases, the staff works to transform an idea into an object.
Years of activity alongside companies of all types and sizes have given OMEZ the know-how, the experience and the flexibility necessary for dealing with ever-changing challenges.


The product begins to materialize through the study of 2D and 3D technical drawings. This is the step that entails analysis of shapes, sizes, materials and other important details, all needed to reach viability and then production by moulding, assembly, inspection and final testing.
Special attention is given to the choice of materials. There are endless raw materials in the plastics industry. Those used by OMEZ are normally thermoplastic resins (ABS, PP, PE, PA, PPO, POM, PET, PBT, PMMA) and new generation technopolymers (PPA, PSU, ..).
In this phase, before starting the mold project, making prototypes is sometimes recommended or considering an in-depth study can optimize the process.


Once the mold has been created, the equipment is tested and, lastly, the MOULDING of the article is carried out. Tests and inspections on a pre-series batch are scheduled, then only after customer or technical office approval to mass production starts.
The moulding department is equipped with 12 technologically advanced presses, each of which is fitted with pre-heating and drying equipment, electronic control units, temperature controllers and manipulators.
The presses operate with horizontal movement and a capacity of 35 to 650 tons. They are capable of producing parts weighing from 0,5 to over 2.800 grams per molding. It is here that simple and non-descript plastic granules are heated, melted, pressed and injected into the MOULDING system and are transformed into an elegant item of fine design.
For industrial moulding the latest and the best raw materials are used, in order to ensure the durability and reliability of the articles produced.
In the manufacturing department only specialized operators test, check and make inspections on products, tolerances and limits are fixed with customers.


The aesthetic finishing treatment makes the product even more attractive, it must be perfect with no ring marks, shrink marks or burrs, since every defect will inevitably be highlighted after the finish has been applied. The bright chrome plating is the main finishing, but further treatments are available such as: gold, bronze, copper, brushed, satin and varnished.
The part is covered by materials that conform to legislative requirements and in accordance with product norms, if required by the customer, or in accordance with the compliance laws of destination markets.
As well as chemical processing, other treatments can be applied, including silk screen printing and pad printing for affixing graphics or trademarks.


To complete the product, it is often necessary to combine articles made from other materials (brass, steel and aluminium and solid-surface). In this case, the parts are manufactured by specialized companies that have been working alongside OMEZ for many years and with which OMEZ has an excellent relationship of respect and cooperation.
After the purchase and the quality control step, follows the assembly phase. The assembly department is equipped with welding and ultrasound instruments and equipment for manual or semi-automatic assembly.The products undergo testing, including functional tests and leak and consumption tests. This phase is arranged with the customer or product norms are observed.


Rapid orders fulfilment is guaranteed, thanks to the cooperation and the availability of customers in placing promptly and periodically scheduled orders.
OMEZ can guarantee warehouse storage of goods. Deliveries can be made using company vehicles or by outsourcing to internationally renowned transportation companies, that operate all over the world.



The Injection Moulding Machines

12 horizontal movement presses – capacity of 35 to 650 tons. All fitted with pre-heating and drying equipment, electronic control units, temperature controllers and manipulators.


    3 Machines
    35/50 tons


    2 Machines
    75/100 tons

  • OIMA

    2 Machines
    90/360 tons


    1 Machine
    85 tons


    2 Machines
    150/190 tons


    2 Machines
    530/650 tons