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OMEZ works with companies belonging to various product markets; the most important is sanitaryware. OMEZ developed single component projects, but also complex finished products. The clients are companies standing out for design products, but sometimes even technically challenging. The most frequently used thermoplastic resins are: ABS, POM, PMMA, PC, PBT, PA, SEBS (rubbers).

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OMEZ has experience in furnishing for the production of door opening and closing hinges, over-moulded  with metal inserts, hooks, handles and various accessories. In this case, materials such as PA-POM-PS are used, in natural colour or with the addition of coloured master batches. When necessary, even glass- or talc-filled thermoplastic resins are considered.

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Throughout the years, OMEZ also gained experience in industrial automation: moulding engine parts, tops, connectors and gear components for auto-mechanism. For the lighting industry, OMEZ manufactures IED lamps and spotlight accessories. The majority of these small accessories are made in PC, PMMA or transparent ABS. Moreover, OMEZ has cooperated for several years with well-known international […]

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