For over 30 years
of experience
and tradition

More than 35 years of work in the world of plastic moulding has made OMEZ flexible and capable of selecting high level international suppliers, while maintaining an increasing respect for the environment. OMEZ is a business that can support customers through every phase of production, from the early stages of production design and drafting to the provision of the finished product. OMEZ’s intention is to make use of its internal resources and ensure the highest levels of confidentiality, professionalism and quality. While maintaining its tradition in the plastic moulding sector, OMEZ has, in recent years, also opened up to other business solutions, offering itself directly on the market as a manufacturer of products for bathrooms and showers system.



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A journey
of passion and
continue evolution

In 1980, Luciano Zucchetti established OMEZ with the goal of creating a company with strong passions and interested in a demanding market that requires high quality in the thermoplastic resins injection moulding process, offering technical and aesthetic components.

OMEZ’s main characteristics are: Innovation, Technical Evolution, Quality, Competitiveness, Flexibility and Service.

OMEZ’s important goals are to introduce more efficient and ecological products. OMEZ keeps on projecting and offering to customers some processes and products to decrease waste, rejections. The effort is to optimize and reach more efficient times and work methods.



Quality in OMEZ

From the very beginning, OMEZ accepted the challenge of quality and committed to continually improving manufacturing processes and updating to the latest materials, products and machinery for manufacture. In this way OMEZ continues to meet the high technical and aesthetic standards required by the injection moulding industry.

Quality means control over the manufacturing process and efficiency in the management of contracts.

Everything is under control at OMEZ, thanks to personalized computer systems, that streamline operations and guarantee the delivery of goods worldwide.


The quality of manufacturing processes provided by OMEZ is guaranteed by:

    • lUNI EN ISO 9002 quality certification, obtained in 1996
    • UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification, obtained in 2002
    • Adaptation to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, obtained in 2009 (*)

(*) Certification valid in the following field of application:

Moreover, the quality of OMEZ products is guaranteed by product certifications or patents for designs developed in-house.

Quality control and product testing

Quality Control is scheduled and performed during all stages of production.
Quality standards required by the customer or by OMEZ’s management are guaranteed.
Product testing is handled by department managers, from the moulding until the assembly stage.
Every code is checked and tested according to agreements made with the customer.

Staff: technical department and tooling workshop

The internal Technical Staff supports the customer during product creation, by suggesting materials to be used and the most appropriate work equipment, as well as providing advice on how to optimize the manufacturing process.
Special support is provided to the customer even after sale, including the maximum availability of staff for any clarifications needed regarding production or suppliers.

The Workshop Department is responsible for the construction of moulds and manufacturing equipment in general. It provides a constant emergency and preventive maintenance service for the moulds, as well as ensuring the monitoring of production machinery.

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